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Concept Creation, Branding, and Poster Design for UNCG Music Department

We worked with Clarinetist Andy Hudson at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to develop a poster and basic identity for a new music performance featuring two clarinets and including 3 world premiere pieces.

When working on music-driven projects, we like to allow the process of designing the work echo the process of performing the music. The design work that is ultimately produced is a result of listening to the music, deconstructing it, and then finding a foothold and related process. In this particular case. we were struck by the layered lines in the music, the willfulness to allow tension to build within the score, and the occasional straightforwardness of the arrangements.

All of these elements can be seen in the end poster, from the blunt description of the concert to the distorted and manipulated line art of clarinets, to the layered typography that occasionally requires deconstruction in order to be understood.


Print Design


University of North Carolina
Greensboro, NC